What type of magic do you perform?

I specialise in the area of mental magic and mind reading, for example, predicting spectators star signs, bank pins and randomly thought of words and information. I don't perform traditional magic or employ magical equipment such as rope, sponge balls, and silk handkerchiefs. I borrow common everyday items from spectators to perform psychological illusions and create magical effects.  


What age group does your act accommodate?

With performing within the area of mental magic and Mentalism this is predominately suited for adults only. As a guide ages, 13 and above would be catered for. I don't perform for children's parties.


What type of events/functions do you cater for?

I have performed at a multitude of events including Weddings, Corporate dinners, Birthday parties, Christenings, Restaurants and house parties to name a few. I can cater for almost any event required. 


what is the length of notice required for bookings?

There is no official notice period for bookings if available, on the requested date I will accommodate you where possible. Obviously longer notice periods given is preferred.


How long is your performance time?

This all depends on the number of guests attending your event. As an example for 50 guests or below I would advise a 1-hour booking. For 100 guests and above, I would recommend a 90 minute to a 2-hour booking. This can all be tailored to your specific needs and will be discussed on contact. 


Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, I have. Every performer in the public sector should have this. I'm fully insured for up to £1,000,000.


What area of the UK do you cover?

I cover and perform all throughout the UK.